Being Thrifty

I love the satisfaction of finding the perfect dress at a thrift store, but to be honest a large part of why I thrift is pure economics. As a college student, I often cannot afford the clothes I adore in magazines, fashion shows and blogs (looking at you, Mansur Gavriel). I'm not exactly rolling in … Continue reading Being Thrifty


“Is that from Anthropologie?”

I love finding designer steals at thrift shops! But, sometimes labels can be misleading. The best thrifting finds are often random labels, sometimes vintage or hand-made. While judging quality by name-recognition is a safe bet, you will miss out if you pass on unfamiliar labels. Some of my favorite pieces of clothing have been random … Continue reading “Is that from Anthropologie?”

Plaid Mini Obsession

This fall, I was struck by a deep-seated need for a brown-toned plaid mini-skirt. I don't know why, but one day I decided I needed one. My inner Nancy Drew came out, and I resolved to find the perfect skirt either for sleuthing or a Cher Horowitz costume. I browsed J. Crew's website relentlessly, … Continue reading Plaid Mini Obsession

What Every Woman Needs? A White Button Down

Read any fashion blog for a while and you will inevitably find a list of items every woman needs. Sometimes it's from a French perspective, and includes cigarette pants and brogues. Other times Englishwomen write the lists, including things like riding boots and wool blazers. Sometimes the lists are infinitely practical: comfortable undergarments and mid-height … Continue reading What Every Woman Needs? A White Button Down