Plaid Mini Obsession

This fall, I was struck by a deep-seated need for a brown-toned plaid mini-skirt. I don’t know why, but one day I decided I needed one.

My inner Nancy Drew came out, and I resolved to find the perfect skirt either for sleuthing or a Cher Horowitz costume.

I browsed J. Crew’s website relentlessly, looking for something in my price range that fit the image I had in my head, but came up empty.

I filed a mental note to look for the skirt I had in mind at every thrift store I encountered. A week later, on my way home from church I stopped in the Housing Works on Montague Street, which sadly closed permanently last week.

While flipping through the skirt rack, I found what I thought was the perfect skirt. Holding my breath in anticipation, I inspected it for stains and tears. Finding nothing, I crossed my fingers before trying it on. It fit!

I bought it and wound up paying $7.00 for what was easily my favorite skirt this winter. Paired with black tights and a chunky sweater, I embraced my prep-school beginnings but also felt trendy and stylish. The skirt truly fits my personal style of the moment.

I actually was wearing this skirt in my post about the brown boots, but here is another picture of me wearing it with a coat looking slightly deranged.

Skirt: Housing Works on Montague (CLOSED), Boots: Goodwill in San Antonio, Turtleneck: Hand-Me-Down from Mom, Coat: Calvin Klein with added vintage buttons

Anyway, I am here to tell you, even if you are searching for something ultra-specific thrift store can be your solution! Just persist and you can find what you are looking for. In the thrift store, that is.


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