Where does it all go?

I’ve written about the consequences of fast fashion before, and it is definitely a large part of why I thrift. The consumerist society we live in creates such waste, and I feel obligated to protect the environment, for the sake of the future and for the sake of my Christian faith.


One way I do this is by minimizing my own clothing waste. I primarily shop at thrift stores. When I am not at thrift stores, I try not to buy anything cheap, that I know I will get rid of in a month.

When I do decide to get rid of old clothing, I first offer them to friends. Then, I donate them to a place that uses them for a good cause. In New York City, my favorite place to donate is the Bowery Mission, which is a homeless shelter. But Goodwill and Salvation Army are also options.

Another alternative to donating used clothes to thrift stores is recycling them. New York City has a few clothing recycling options in different parks depending on the day of the week. There are restrictions on what can be donated, however, because the way fabrics are spun and dyed can make them very difficult to recycle.

Madewell also recycles denim and gives you a discount if you take old jeans to be recycled when you are buying new ones!

Wherever you live, you should have lots of options for reducing the waste your wardrobe creates. Just research the options in your area and start making a difference!

My friend Leticia, who I convinced to start composting, dumping her frozen food scraps.

One small way I love to protect the earth is through composting. I freeze my food scraps in a bag throughout the week, and on Saturdays drop it off at a composting center at a local farmers market, where it is then turned into soil to fertilize New York parks and gardens! How do you guys like to make an impact?


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