The Perfect Dress

My friend found this dress on the fitting room floor at a downtown Brooklyn Salvation Army.

Posing at Salvation Army in what is one of my favorite all-time thrift finds.

I have never been a Salvation Army girl. I grew up going to Goodwill, and didn’t start shopping at Salvation Army until I lived in New York City. Still, I prefer the familiarity of the color of the week. I can never seem to remember the sale days for Salvation Army.

But, one time my sophomore year of college, I was going to a 1980s themed dance party, and my girlfriends and I decided the best place to get dresses was Salvation Army.

We all eventually found dresses for the dance- puffy sleeves and garish colors galore.

The real steal, however, came when my friend Jess found this dress on the floor of her fitting room. All five of my friends tried it on, but it fit me the best! I had nowhere to wear it, but I just had to buy it, thinking maybe I would wear it to a formal dance later on.

It didn’t have a tag, so the lady at the desk charged me $12. $12!!!

To be honest, I haven’t worn it yet, but for $12 I think it is worth it to have something so pretty in my closet. I love it’s flared skirt, the lace details and the shape of the back. Who knows, maybe one day I will wear it. But for now it sits in my closet, reminding me that beauty exists. I don’t regret my purchase one bit.

Sadly no brand on the dress, but it is well-made for sure! Not tears, runs or stains.



2 thoughts on “The Perfect Dress

  1. There are those days when just gazing at something beautiful in your closet makes you more beautiful inside. We all have those cinnamon things that we cannot take to the salvation Army because we have such wonderful memories attached. Sometimes I just have to close my eyes and say it would be some beautiful girl Somewhere that would like to wear this. Then in it goes to the recycle bag.


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