“It’s a Skort!”

One strategy when shopping at thrift stores is to flip through the racks quickly, paying more attention to labels than styles. While labels can be a good guide to judge the quality of second-hand clothing, if you use this strategy alone, you will miss out on a lot of good stuff.

Before I found it, if you had told me one of my favorite pieces of clothing would be a Liz Claiborne skort, I would have thought you were nuts. But, at Goodwill, I found a super-cute navy cotton skirt with beige elephants in my size and just had to try it on.

When I got to the fitting room I was surprised. It was a skort! However, you actually cannot tell it is a skort as the fabric wraps all the way around. It’s just useful if I ever feel the spontaneous urge to do cartwheels.


I actually cannot cartwheel, so that never happens, but when I get compliments on my skirt I inevitably say thanks and proceed to show the complementer that “it’s a skort!”

I usually pair the skirt with either a linen blouse and sandals, or a t-shirt and sneakers, depending on how dressed up I want to be.

elephant skort
Here I am wearing my skort in Cambodia, where I was blessed to tour the country with my friend Voleak’s lovely family and some friends! Elephant Skort: Liz Claiborne- Goodwill, Linen Button-Down: Coldwater Creek hand-me-down from Mom, Linen Tank: Gap hand-me-down from mom, Shoes: So old the label is worn off and I can’t remember! Purse- Target

All that to say, don’t be afraid to buy something a little quirky, like a skort, or to buy clothes that are brands from stores you’ve never entered. Your dreams may come true- I got to wear my favorite elephant skirt in a country where I also rode an elephant! Now every time I wear it I have sweet memories.

Skorts might also be a necessity if you visit a country where they squat or sit on the ground for most of their meals. Just sayin’.

The skort came in handy!
My friend’s family at one of my favorite restaurants we visited. Same day I was wearing the skort- thank goodness!

3 thoughts on ““It’s a Skort!”

  1. Last time I did a cartwheel (all the way back to last week), someone asked, “Was that supposed to be a cartwheel!?” The cartwheel gene is not something we inherited.

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  2. Your mom was very good at cartwheels and when I was little i could actually pull one off – not so sure about the genetics


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