One Scarf, Five Ways

I love looking at accessories at thrift stores. I almost never leave without at least a quick trip through the purses, sunglasses, belts and hats. You never know what you can find! (I have two vintage Dooney and Burke’s to prove it).

One day at Goodwill I found the cutest neckerchief in the scarf section. Having recently seen the Age of Adeline and inspired by the amazing 1950s and 1970s hairstyles, I decided to buy it. It said 100% pure silk on it, so I figured it was good quality.

age of ade

When I got home, I Googled the brand, Liberty London, and was surprised to find the scarf I purchased had probably retailed for around $85! And I got it for less than $5!

Without further ado, here are three different ways I have styled it, as modeled by me and some of my friends.

  1. Neckerchief/ Ascot

This is the classic way to wear a neckerchief, which is currently quite en vogue. Just fold it to your desired width, wrap around your neck, and knot.

2. Ponytail

This is an easy way to dress up a ponytail and elevate an everyday look. Wear with pearl earings for a timeless look! Simply knot the scarf around your ponytail at your desired width.

3. High-Knot Topper

This is another lazy-day save! Simply wrap the scarf around your a bun one and a half times, knotting it either in the front or the back. I think doing it in the back adds whimsy!

4. Headband

This classic look has many forms. Fold the scarf to the width you desire, then knot it around your head. Tuck the ends under if if you want to hide them. You can vary the look by wearing your hair down, half-up, or in a ponytail or up-do. Alternately, you can knot the ribbon in the middle, on the side or behind your hair.

5. Wrist-wrap

This may be the most unconventional style on the list. Use the neckerchief to add style to your wrists, wrapping it around several times before making a dainty knot. This is a fun alternative to silver or gold arm candy.

My friend Jess hand-modeling

What do you think? Would you try any of these out? Have you ever found such an amazing deal!?

PS/ Pro-Tip: Some of these styles can be done with a men’s pocket square or a bandanna if they are large enough.


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