A Vintage Treasure

I’ve written a few times about hand-me-downs. If you aren’t from a big family or aren’t used to sharing, you may be wondering what this is all about.

I talked about hand-me-downs some in my about page, but I wanted to elaborate a little for those who were unfamiliar with the concept.

When I was younger I primarily got hand-me-downs as older cousins, siblings and friends outgrew their clothing. My mom would receive a big bag of clothing and I would compete with my sisters for the stuff we wanted.

Recently I got THE BEST hand-me-down from my mom. It is an old dress she bought thrifting in college. The dress no longer fits her, so she gave it to me.


It was vintage when she bought it. The brand is Carlye- which existed from the 1940s till 1967. Based on the label, the dress I have is likely from the 1960s.

I absolutely loved wearing the dress- it made me feel like Juliana Crain from The Man in the High Castle. I also felt a connection to my mom, who also thrifted her way through college. Thrifting is in my blood! Pieces like this make hand-me-downs so valuable.

Now I am the nearly the same size as my sisters, mom, and cousin, so we share our clothes a lot. But, I also get hand-me-downs from friends.

One way to get your friends old clothes is to host a clothing swap! Invite friends to your apartment and have them bring clothes they want to donate. Everyone can trade and swap, and when you are done you can donate the rest!

I also live in a dorm building, so girls frequently invite each other over to look at their clothes and choose some before they donate them.

I’ve also gotten hand-me-downs from friends when they were cleaning out their closets, either because they were moving or because they needed space for new stuff.

It may feel like a foreign concept, but in this case sharing really is caring, and you can end up with really cute stuff! Do you guys have any other suggestions for how to get your friend’s cast-offs?



4 thoughts on “A Vintage Treasure

  1. My best memories of thrift shopping were with your Mother ,Lizbeth and Aunt Jaimi when they were just little girls . Every summer we would go find cool vintage clothing. No wonder it’s in your blood.
    I have only one tip for you that’s only for good finds. Go thrifting on a Tuesday , new inventory is usually put out that day .
    Love Libby


  2. I owned a dress that could have been yours twin in a larger size, purchased for a freshman fraternity dance. In 1961 it made me feel very Elizabeth Taylor. Soon after my younger sister wore the handed down to a senior high school party. The black dress was made even more glamorous by Linda’s beautiful red hair. I could never wear it again.


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