Once a cricket jumped out of the denim rack and onto me at Goodwill, but I kept flipping through because I was looking for the perfect pair of vintage Levi’s. I didn’t find them but I did scream and startle the other shoppers, winding up with a good laugh. More than flipping through Goodwill racks, I love flipping through images from the latest fashion shows every season, but I’m a college student on a budget. Thrifting has enabled me to incorporate the latest trends into my wardrobe without buying fast fashion knock-offs or blowing the bank. My most beloved thrifting treasures include a cashmere Ralph Lauren sweater and Nanette Lepore wool skirt, but I don’t just hunt for labels; I look for potential in even the shoulder-padded blazers. I think that may be my favorite thing about thrifting: the promise of potential, the thrill of knowing something beautiful may be hidden amidst cast-off monster truck rally t-shirts and grandma sweaters. I started this blog to share my adventures and meet some fellow thrifty gals who care about wearing the latest fashions without breaking the bank or destroying the planet in the process.

I am also a: Christian, aspirational runner, amateur embroiderer, reader, sunglasses collector & believer in spontaneous dance parties.

Instagram: thriftingup

Twitter: @gjvickers