Thrifting Shoes: Favorite Brown Boots

Shoes are tricky. I read once that you should never buy vintage: they tend to fall apart and break easily.

Likewise, quality shoes at a thrift store can be hard to find. Often the shoes look worn out, have scratches, or fit strangely, and that is why they end up at the thrift store.

However, I always check the shoe racks, because occasionally I find treasure. These brown Nine West boots were a find at a Goodwill in San Antonio.

Boots: Goodwill in San Antonio, Skirt: Housing Works in Brooklyn Heights, Sweater: Hand-me-down

I tried them on and new I needed them. They have become a staple in my wardrobe rotation, especially in long New York winters when I have to wear boots to keep my feet from freezing.

For me, the key to shoe shopping is trying them on, and if possible, wearing them around the store for a while, because the last thing I want is to buy uncomfortable or ill-fitting shoes. It’s also a good idea to check for wear-and-tear, both on the sole of the shoe, as well as inside it. Of course, always bring socks, because you never know who else has worn the shoe before you!

Another thing to check for with shoes is brand recognition. If you know the name of the brand, and believe that the shoes are quality, you are less likely to take home a pair that fall apart.

Finally, don’t be afraid to try on something different. Shoes can be a fun way to dress up or accessorize an outfit, so try on shoes that may be outside your comfort zone. If they are five dollars, they may be worth it to add creativity and fun to your wardrobe!

Check out some of my thrift store shoes finds here and let me know you shoe success (or failure) stories in the comments!


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